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Associative thickeners references

  • Associative thickeners. Part I Synthesis, rheology andAbstract. Nonionic associative thickeners with systematic changes in chemical composition have been synthesized. Rheological measurements of thickened la

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aquaflow nhs300 nonionic synthetic associative thickeneraquaflow nhs300 rheology modifier is a solventfree, nonionic synthetic associative thickener (nsat) designed for waterborne paint and coatings and is compatible with most latex resin systems. this thickener provides efficient ici viscosity development, excellent film build and favorable brush drag. it is intended to be used in combination with aeffect of surfactants and cosolvents on the behavior ofadsorption isotherms and viscosityshearrate profiles of model anionic and nonionic associative thickeners with acrylic latices are strongly dependent on the latex particle size and system surfactant and cosolvent content. the adsorption data indicate a level of latexthickener interaction substantially greater than that with the conventional nonassociative thickener (hydroxyethyl)celluloseassociative thickeners. part i synthesis, rheology andabstract. nonionic associative thickeners with systematic changes in chemical composition have been synthesized. rheological measurements of thickened latexes are presented as well as measurements of relaxation times, intrinsic viscosity and osmotic pressure of polymers in pure water solution. we find that the general hydrophobicity of the polymers' end groups control both rheology and efficiency.cited by 1rheology of associative thickener solution nasa/adsjan 01, 95· hydrophobically modified ethylene oxide urethane (heur) associative thickeners form a dynamic association structure, socalled 'transient crosslinked network' in the aqueous phase via a surfactant micellelike selfassociation of endcapped hydrophobic groups. to study the relationship between the association structure and rheological properties of this type of thickener, the rheological properties of heur associative thickenerscited by 3the effects of color concentrates on the rheology of tintwaterborne coatings are formulated with a number of different ingredients; water, latex modifiers or thickeners. rheology modifiers are necessary in order to improve the physical properties of the coating before, during, and after application to a substrate. there are two kinds of rheology modifiers used in waterborne coatings; associative thickeners and nonassociative thickeners.us85400b2 cardanolbased associative polyurethanesus85400b2 us/859,525 us85952510a us85400b2 us 85400 b2 us85400 b2 us 85400b2 us 85952510 a us85952510 a us 85952510a us 85400 b2 us85400 b2 us 85400b2 authority us united states prior art keywords polyurethane diisocyanate mole cardanol polyisocyanate prior art date 090910 legal status (the legal status is an assumption and is not a

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Advantages of associative thickeners references

thickening agent a thickening agent or thickener is a substance which can increase the viscosity of a liquid without substantially changing its other properties. edible thickeners are commonly used to thicken sauces, soups, and puddings without altering their taste; thickeners are also used in paints, inks, explosives, and cosmetics.. thickeners may also improve the suspension of other ingredients or emulsionsrheoluxe associative thickenersassociative thickeners increase the viscosity of aqueous systems through a system of molecular associations and interactions. the thickeners consist of water soluble polymeric chains modified with hydrophobic caps. the hydrophobic caps of the polymer associate, that is, build a structured network, with other hydrophobes in the formula.aquaflow xls525 nonionic synthetic associative thickeneraquaflow xls525 nonionic synthetic associative thickener for lowshear (ku) viscosity build in lowvoc waterborne paints and coatings aquaflow xls525 rheology modifier is a solventfree nonionic synthetic associative thickener (nsat) designed for waterborne paints and coatings. it is effective with most latex systems.role and function of rheological additives in modernoct , 01· because of the different thickening effect, it is difficult to compare the rheological profiles of associative thickeners with those of nonassociative types. the rough comparison in figure 5 illustrates the strengths and weakness of the various thickener types. the given shear ranges are of differing importance for the surface coating.thickening carbon dioxide with the fluoroacrylatestyrenejun 01, 03· summary. the fluoroacrylatestyrene copolymer is the first associative thickener that has been identified for carbon dioxide. fluoroacrylate is highly carbon dioxidephilic, enhancing the solubility of the copolymer in carbon dioxide. styrene is relatively carbon dioxidephobic, but promotes viscosityenhancing, intermolecular associations.associative thickeners, associative thickeners suppliersa wide variety of associative thickeners options are available to you, such as chemical auxiliary agent, other adhesives.you can also choose from none, associative thickeners,as well as from building material shops, construction works , and energy mining. and whether associative thickeners is 1

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The case of associative thickeners references

acrysol dr72 associative thickenerbefore adding acrysol dr72 associative thickener to a coating formulation first sufficient base must be added. a minimum of approximately 0.1 kg of 28% aqueous ammonia or 0. kg of amp90 or 0,3 kg of naoh at % is required to completely neutralize all of the acid groups in one kg wet acrysol dr72 associative thickener (as delivered).



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referencesgeneral nonlinear rheological behavior of associativefeb 24, 04· shear thickening is very common in telechelic associative polymers. yet, it is not a universal characteristic of the whole class of associative polymers. here, more general features of associative behavior are investigated.heur thickeners nonionic polyurethane associativeheur thickeners are nonionic polyurethane associative thickeners that increase the viscosity of waterbased coatings as a resut of an association with the thickener and the binder/pigment colloid particles. triiso distributes a wide range of heur thickeners for water based coatings, inks and putties. click for quotes orthickeners and rheology additives chem tech product acatassociative polyurethane thickener. the thickening mechanism of associative polyurethane thickeners is completely different. due to their hydrophobichydrophilichydrophobic structure they form aggregates in aqueous systems (micelles), whereby e.g. one thickener molecule can be part of two or more micelles linking them physically this way.formulating with associative rheology modifiersreferred to as associative thickeners, provides the potential for greater control of the compound rheology, over a broader range of shear rates than the traditional ase class of synthetic polymers. the third class of synthetic rheology modifiers is the hydrophobically modified, ethoxylated urethane resins (heur).file size 5kbassociative thickening chemistry britannicain surface coating rheologicalcontrol additives. polyacrylic acid), and the socalled associative thickeners are employed in aqueous systems. polymers used as thickeners function by dissolving in and raising the viscosity of the solvent or carrier liquid portion of the coating. pigmentary materials that are used specifically to raise viscosity act by forming interacting, connected networks or.effect of styrene and methyl methacrylate comonomers inoct 01, 05· 2.3.. rheological measurementviscosityshear rate dependences of .5 wt.% latices thickened with 1 wt.% of the commercial associative thickener (hydrophobic ethoxylated urethane, heurrm w) (rohm haas, germany) were measured using viscotester vt 550 haake (germany) using the nv system in the range 5300 s 1.all measurements were carried out at room temperature.

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