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  • Twostage leaching of manganese and silver from manganeseJan 01, 2018· Insoluble manganese (IV) was reduced to soluble manganese (II) in an aqueous medium with calcium sulfide (CaS) as the reductant, and the

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simultaneous leaching of a deepsea manganese nodule andgalvanic interaction between manganese dioxide and sulfide mineral (fes2, cufes2, zns and pbs) galvanic couples were investigated through polarization measurements and leaching studies.recovery of manganese from iron containing sulfateoct 01, · furthermore, the leaching of sulfide and hydroxide concentrates consumes more energy and chemicals (autoclave) than the former techniques. the combined air oxidation and precipitation of fe with limestone is the most cost effective separation method. leaching of mn with increased concentration can also be carried out with h 2 so 4. continuously operated bench pilot experiments showed that recovery of manganesecited by study of the leaching of a manganese mining residue byaug 30, · many studies have been carried out to leach manganese oxides and sulfide minerals simultaneously in an acid medium, h5so4 or hcl. in this leaching process, the sulfide minerals function as reductants while the manganese oxides as oxidants.author a. alaoui, k. el kacemi, k. el assgeochemistry of amd / ard acid metalliferous drainageamd can be produced when reactive sulfide minerals such as pyrite (iron sulfide, fes 2) are disturbed as part of mine operations. many sulfide minerals, particularly pyrite but also chalcopyrite (copper sulfide, cufes 2), pyrrhotite (iron sulfide, fes) and some others, naturally undergo oxidation when exposed to atmospheric oxygen and moisture.. oxidation of sulfides results in decompositionbioleaching of manganese (iv) oxide and application to itsbioleaching of manganese (iv) oxide with thiobacillus thiooxidans has been studied in media with and without sulfur, ferrous sulfide and ferrous sulfate. the knowledge of the role played by the bacteria and the reducing substances suggest that the leaching of manganese (iv) ores through the use of thiobacteria is only justified when suitable amounts of sulfur or metal sulfides are present.

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leaching of manganese nodule in dilute acid solutions inin l3 mol/l hci and 500 g/l h5so4 solutions, the leaching of manganese nodule in the presence of zinc sulfide concentrate was investigated. it was found that hcl was a more efficient leachant t...manganese metallurgy review. part ii manganese separationdec 01, 07· roehrborn and amirzadehasl (94) reported the sulfide precipitation for the separation of zinc from manganese in the leach solution of the sludges from the processing of raw zinc liquor. the zinc in the solution was precipitated with na 2 s solution to ph 57, leaving manganese in solution for subsequent recovery.cited by 4a method for leaching or dissolving g from ores oraug , 05· it is known that g can be efficiently leached from g bearing ores using a mixture of hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride, and manganese dioxide. the chemical reaction involved during theacidic leaching and precipitation of zinc and manganeseleaching yields of both manganese and zinc were higher at leach temperature of 90 degrees c than those at 30 degrees c. leach solutions were purified by the selective precipitation of manganese and zinc using koh or naoh. complete precipitation was obtained for mn at ph 910 and for zn at ph 78. the use of ascorbic acid or citric acid asguides for highsulfide g processingmar , · high sulfide g ore refers to a certain g ore with % 30% of g wrapped by sulfide (mainly pyrite). because most of the g in highsulfide g ore exists in the form of sulfideencapsulated g, when using direct leaching process, the consumption of g leaching agent and cost of g leaching production will increase, and g processing efficiency is not good.us6793906b2 methods of making manganese sulfide googlethe present invention provides methods for making manganese sulfide without the need for recycling a significant amount of manganese sulfide back to the reaction chamber. the methods are performed by admixing substantially pure manganese, substantially pure sulfur, and iron pyrite. the manganese and sulfur are then reacted to form manganese sulfide.reductive roasting of ironrich manganese oxide ore withless than 10% iron were extracted through acid leaching under the roasting conditions of 400600 oc with s/mn molar ratio of 0.6. the contents of manganese sulfide and sulfate in the roasted product increased with increasing sulfur addition, while they decreased distinctly at temperatures above 550 oc. the thermodynamic analysis also proved

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minerals free fulltext simultaneous leaching ofthe simultaneous leaching of manganese dioxide and sulfides such as chalcopyrite [9,10], sphalerite , and pyrite in acid media has been investigated. in our previous paper [ 8 ], we showed that the dissolution rate of metals from sms was accelerated in thegalvanic interaction between sulfide minerals andgalvanic interaction between manganese dioxide and sulfide mineral (fes 2, cufes 2, zns and pbs) galvanic couples were investigated through polarization measurements and leaching studies.the sulfide minerals, being less noble than mno 2, form the anode in each couple, with mno 2 the cathode. both sulfide minerals and mno 2 dissolve at an enhanced rate under the influence of the potentialcontrol of manganese in acidic leach liquorsmanganese control in laterite leach liquors 5.1. commercial operations 5.2. upcoming projects 5.3. new processes tested to treat laterite liquors 6. conclusions 7. references 8. appendices 22. 1. abstract. manganese is commonly found in acidic leach liquors of copper, zinc, cobalt and nickel, and its control is one ofkinetic model for simultaneous leaching of zinc sulfidethe effect of ironoxidizing bacteria on the simultaneous leaching of zinc sulfide and manganese dioxide was studied. some researchers have reported the enhancement of the leachingkinetic model for simultaneous leaching of zinc sulfideleaching process and for the prediction of optimum operating conditions. however, there have been few studies concerning the method to predict the extent of leaching in the simultaneous dissolution system. in the present study, we studied the simultaneous leaching of zinc sulfide and manganese oxide.cn10708a method for preparing highpurity manganesethe invention discloses a method for preparing highpurity manganese sulfate and highpurity manganese carbonate by reduction leaching of pyrolusite through scrap iron. the method comprises the following steps of performing reduction leaching on the pyrolusite with the scrap iron in a sulfuric acid medium to obtain manganese, regulating the ph value to be 56 by using a neutralization methodtwostage leaching of manganese and silver from manganesejan 01, · insoluble manganese (iv) was reduced to soluble manganese (ii) in an aqueous medium with calcium sulfide (cas) as the reductant, and the resultant residue was then leached by a sulfuric acid solution. thiosulfate (s2 o 32 ) was produced in situ in the reduction stage.cited by 7

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