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Supergene enrichment change process of copper

  • Supergene Enrichment How Natural Processes haveAny copper contained within the rock is dissolved by these acidic solutions, which percolate downward to the water table, where they encounter reducing conditi

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minerals free fulltext characterization of weatheringthe supergene enrichment is most likely related to episodes of uplift/doming (last event since 30 ma), which triggered the exhumation of primary/hypogene mineralization (chalcopyrite, pyrite, galena, chalcocite i and bornite i), generating their oxidation and the precipitation of secondary/supergene sulfides, carbonates and feoxyhydroxides.geomorphic surfaces and supergene enrichment in northernsupergene enrichment of porphyry copper deposits in the central andes is thought to be closely correlated with periods of relatively humid climate and the formation of regionally extensive paleosurfaces (e.g. mortimer, c. 73) . in northern chile, two such paleosurfaces have been proposed the ca. 23 ma tarapaca paleosurface within the coastal cordillera, and the ca. 10 ma pacificoxidationleaching, and enrichment zones of a porphyryarkosic rocks from a weathered porphyry copper deposit. (san xavier north), provides a "basis for describing compositional change and inter­ preting the weathering processes which produced the observed mineralogy and physical rock properties. supergene compositional changes of thebacteria as mediators of copper sulfide enrichment duringmay 24, 96· supergene chalcocite enrichment during weathering is an economically vital natural process that may lead to severalf increases in the copper content of sulfide deposits. a scanning electron microscope study of chalcocite (cu2s) from major enriched copper deposits in northern chile revealed myriad bacterioform bodies in original growthsupergene oxidized and enriched porphyry copper andjan 01, 05· porphyry cu deposits pass through a natural supergene cycle in which leaching and mature enrichment in advanced argillic and sericitic zones give way during eventual exposure of deeper potassic zones to in situ oxidation without attendant enrichment.cited by 2major mines projects josemaria projectsupergene copper enrichment (pycc(s)) is focused along the nne structural zone through the northern part of the deposit. the late oligocene erosional event removed the upper parts of the mineralized system, but erosion took pace at a rapid rate that did not allow for development of an extensive leached cap or supergene enrichment at that time.copper ore types sulfides vs. oxides an investor'snov 09, · as with oxide ores, sxew tech is used to recover copper from a pregnant leach solution. secondary sulfides, which are formed by supergene secondary enrichment, are resistant to sulfuric leachingore deposits formed by oxidation and supergene3) supergene enrichment may add much where there was little. 4) leaner parts of the vein may be made rich. 5) unworkable protore may be enriched to the ore grade. e.g. many of the copper districts would not have come into existence except for the process of enrichment.

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Advantages of supergene enrichment change process of copper

. supergene ore and gangue characteristicssignificant copper enrichment at the reactive redox boundary between massive sulfide protore and downward penetrating fluids. the supergene enrichment blanket is overlain by an intensely altered and leached fe oxiderich gossan (the remains of the original massive sulfide) thatfile size 303kb(mdativeweatheringchemical 9.5 migrationundervariablyprior to supergene copper enrichment problem, we fwst chose a problem with only one mineral pyrite (or pyrite oxidation) to examine importance of the reaction effect on fluid flow. another reactive transport code tough5chem (white, 95) that employs a fully ccmpled approach, is also used for pyrite oxidation problem for comparison. thethe evolution of supergene enrichment in thethe evolution of supergene enrichment in the morenci porphyry copper deposit, greenlee county, arizona by merritt stephen enders _____ a dissertation submitted to the faculty of the department of geosciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctor of philosophy in the graduate college the university of arizonasearchersupergene. in ore deposit geology, supergene processes or enrichment are those that occur relatively near the surface as opposed to deep hypogene processes.supergene processes include the predominance of meteoric water circulation with concomitant oxidation and chemical weathering. the descending meteoric waters oxidize the primary (hypogene) sulfide ore minerals and redistribute thethe electrochemical mechanism of sulfide selfpotentialshere we present a detailed numerical model of supergene copper enrichment that involves the oxidative weathering of pyrite (fes{sub 2}) and chalcopyrite (cufes{sub 2}), and acidification that causes mobilization of metals in the unsaturated zone, with subsequent formation of enriched ore deposits of chalcocite (cus) and covellite (cu{sub 2}sclimate change, groundwater flow, and supergeneandean uplift, aridity, and the cessation of supergene mineralization in northern chile is of fundamental importance for our understanding of porphyry copper enrichment and could inform future exploration strategies in the region. in this study, we place direct constraints on the timing of climate aridification in supergene enrichment of copper deposits since thedespite a hyperarid climate, many of these pcds have undergone secondary supergene enrichment, whereby copper has been concentrated via groundwaterdriven leaching andestimated reading time 6 minsdepiction of different alteration zones using fractal andthe supergene enrichment zone derived via the cv model is smaller than that in the geological model and is located in the central and eastern parts of the deposit.supergene enrichment how natural processes haveany copper contained within the rock is dissolved by these acidic solutions, which percolate downward to the water table, where they encounter reducing conditions that allow the copper to precipitate out as chalcocite (a copperbearing sulfide). over time this action forms a thick, copperrich, blanketshaped zone, known as an enrichment blanket.file size 2mb

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The case of supergene enrichment change process of copper

a simulation of the supergene copper enrichmenta simplified simulation of copper precipitation during supergene enrichment processes was carried out to study the feedback behaviors of geochemical reaction and groundwater flow.estimated reading time 6 minssupergene oxidation of copper deposits zoning andwelldeveloped copper oxide zones appear to form through two distinct mechanisms (1) via substantial copper addition to a volume being oxidized, including the formation of exotic copper deposits, and (2) through in situ oxidation of a copperbearing sulfide resource. importantly, the first type of copperfile size 871kbasbog chapter 6economic geology flashcards quizletsupergene enrichment a nearsurface process of mineral deposition in which metals are leached by acidic solutions, carried downward, and reprecipitated, enriching the sulfide minerals already present.tectonic and climatic controls on porphyry copperreprecipitates it in an enriched supergene blanket of ore. this process can more than double the copper content of a deposit, making supergene zones a primary target for mineral exploration. northern chile hosts some of the largest and richest supergene blankets in the world (notably thethe role of silicate mineral alteration in theduring the supergene enrichment of metal sulfide bearing rock, meteoric water leaches, transports, and re­ deposits cations as it percolates downward as part of the natural weathering cycle. by this process copper is con­ centrated into ore grade levels from low grade hypogene mineralization in many porphyry deposits. this study ex­copper isotope fractionation used to identify supergenethe pattern presents an excellent tool for using cu isotopes for exploration through providing the following information (1) identification of highly fractionated copper isotope ratios in copper sulfide and fe oxide samples that indicate supergene processes and the extent of leaching and enrichment of copper, and (2) identification of highlycited by 2major mines projects quebrada blanca minesupergene enrichment processes have dissolved and redeposited primary (hypogene) chalcopyrite as a blanket of supergene copper sulphides, the most important being chalcocite and covellite with lesser copper oxides/silicates such as chrysocolla in the oxide zone.

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