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  • Great Dyke OverviewGeology and SoilsDevelopmentSee alsoGeologically the Great Dyke is not a dyke, but is lopolithic and Yshaped in crosssection. It is a group of layered ultramafic intrusions that extend acr

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effect of frother and depressant interaction onthe great dyke is generally said to be comprised of a lower ultramafic sequence (chromite, dunites, * national university of science and technology, pyroxenites, and related cumulates) and angreat dyke geologythe great dyke is a strategic economic resource with significant quantities of chrome and platinum. chromite occurs to the base of the ultramafic sequence and is mined throughout the dyke. below the ultramaficmafic sequences' contact, and in the uppermost pyroxenite (bronzitite and websterite) units are economic concentrations of nickel, copper, cobalt, g, and platinum group metals (pgm).stratiform chromite deposit model usgsstratiform chromite deposits are of great economic importance, yet their origin and evolution remain highly debated. layered igneous intrusions such as the bushveld, great dyke, kemi, and stillwater complexes, provide opportunities for studying magmatic differentiation processes andusgsusgsthe wedzamimosa platinum deposit, great dyke, zimbabwethe chromite ore fields of the great dyke, zimbabwe. composition of the ultramaficmafic contact interval of the great dyke of zimbabwe at ngezi mine comparisons to the bushveld complex and implications for the origin of the pge reefs. lithos, vol. 238, issue. , p. 7.chromite geology of zimbabwe and related miningthe great dyke and podiforms geology 8 the great dyke tengenenge to mberengwa, stretches for 550km and is 4km wide. podiform isolated chrome resources in shurugwi,mashava ,nhema ,valley, chirumanzu and mberengwa location the dyke stratiform chromite hosts rocks are harzburgite, dunite, serpentinite and pyroxenitefile size 2mb the source of the great dyke, zimbabwe, and itsreos data for chromite separates from 10 massive chromitite seams sampled along the 550km length of the 2.58ga great dyke layered igneous complex, zimbabwe, record initial 7os/8os ratios in...estimated reading time 6 mins böhmke reef platinumgroup element mineralizationthe major chromite and platinumgroup element deposits of the great dyke evolved in a large narrow elongate magma chamber that was repeatedly replenished by injections of primitive magma.gen reef miningthe claims are situated on the middle dyke of the great dyke of zimbabwe, an area well known for chrome mining. the infrastructure is well developed near the lalapanzi grid where the railway line borders the claim boundary, good access road, electricity and good sites for drilling water boreholes. the chromite in the eluvial deposit was

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the great dyke of great treasures and great mysteriesthe emplacement age of the great dyke is taken in zimbabwe as the upper boundary of the archaean, which generally corresponds with the internationally recognised boundary between the archaean and the proterozoic. the great dyke has been proposed to be used to mark the boundary between the proterozoic and the archaean (nisbet 81)brief outline of the geology of the great dykein the great dyke of zimbabwe, the principal platinum group element (pge)bearing horizon, termed the main sulfide zone, is hosted in orthopyroxenites (prendergast and wilson, 89).pge mineralization has been demonstrated to occur bimodally in maficultramafic intrusions, either hosted by sulfides or as discrete platinum group minerals.major and trace element compositions of chromites from thesep , · the composition of the magmas from which the chromites that form the massive chromite layers of the stillwater, great dyke and bushveld complexes are of interest both to understand the economic importance of the resources in the layers (cr and pge), but also in understanding how these layers form. magmas that have been suggested as parental to the intrusions are boninites orchromite chromium ore, properties, uses and occurrencechromite is an oxide mineral that an iron chromium oxide with formula fecr2o4. it is belonging to the spinel group. chromite is the most important ore of chromium. from the great dyke, zimbabwe. from many localities in turkey. at saranay and elsewhere in the ural mountains, russia. from the moa district, northern cuba.great dyke of zimbabwe nasachromium, in the form of the mineral chromite, and platinum are particularly abundant in the great dyke and actively mined. younger faults have offset sections of the dyke along its length; two of the most obvious faults in the image are indicated, with arrows showing the relative directions of offset.african chrome fields game changer along the great dykejul 02, · formed as a result of erosion and weathering, the companys chromite deposits are located in the valleys along the flanks of the centre part of the great dyke, at surface no more than 3 m deep and dispersed no more than 500 m from the foot of the great dyke formation.the chromite deposits of the great dyke rhodesiaup to10%cash back· the great dyke is one of the most remarkable geological features known. over five hundred kiolmetres long and rarely more than ten wide, it traverses the archean shield of zimbabwe (rhodesia) from north to south. within layered ultrabasic rocks are several seams of chromite.author colin j. dixonchromite the only mineral ore of chromium metalchromite is an oxide mineral composed of chromium, iron, and oxygen most of the world's known chromite occurs in two stratiform deposits the bushveld complex in south africa and the great dyke in zimbabwe. other important stratiform deposits include the stillwater complex in montana, the kemi complex of finland, the orissa complex ofmafic layered intrusions chromite and platinum pge depositsoct , · chrome has been produced from the great dyke since the s although pges were also discovered in the s earlier production attempts were not successful due to the lower grades than in the bushveld and the difficulty mining and metallurgical conditions.

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chromerich great dyke area, zimbabwe ejatlasapr 08, · most of zimbabwes ferrochrome deposits lie in the great dyke, a mountain range that runs the length of the country, rich in ferrochrome, platinum and g deposits. zimasco company has mined ferrochrome on the great dyke since the early 00s and has been owned by local businesses, union carbide corp. and rio tinto plc.mining within zimbabwes great dyke extent , impactsthe great dyke. chromite is mined throughout the dyke as the chromite seam deposits span the entire dyke. some of the chromite mining operations occur especially in the darwendale, lalapanzi and mutorashanga areas. the three largest chrome mining companies are maranatha ferrochrome, zimalloys and zimasco, although mostchrome, the next big thing celebrating being zimbabweanaug 09, · chromite reserves on the great dyke approximate 10 billion tonnes. zimbabwe currently sits on over percent of global chrome reserves from the great dyke as well as the greenstone belts. greenstone belt deposits occur in some ultramafic rocks of the shurugwi, mashava and mberengwa greenstone belts as well as ultramfic bodies in the limpoponickel laterite deposits on the northern part of the greatof the northern part of the great dyke geomorphology, regolith stratigraphy, geochemistry, mineralogy, distribution and genesis martin prendergast ̶ primary olivine, chromite, with adcumulus textures . ̶ secondary serpentine (chrysotile), magnetite, redbrown goethite.dyke chrome mining mechanization ver 2 saimmabundant chromite resource on the great dyke zimbabwes resource estimated at % of world chromite resource resource in 10 zimasco commissioned twp projects of south africa to carry out mechanisation conceptual study results of study so far not conclusive costs derived from study not sustainable at current market pricesgreat dyke overviewgeology and soilsdevelopmentsee also

geologically the great dyke is not a dyke, but is lopolithic and yshaped in crosssection. it is a group of layered ultramafic intrusions that extend across zimbabwe with a strike of about n°e. the width of the intrusions vary from 3 to km (7.5 mi). the great dyke is unusual in that most ultramafic layered intrusions display near horizontal sill or sheet forms.
the welllayered lower units of ultramafic rocks comprising the great dyke are locally overlain by erosi · text under ccbysa licensechromite mineral specimen for sale dakota matrixselukwe deposit, great dyke, zimbabwe. a solid black granular crystalline mass of chromite ore. the usgs reports the following on chromium chromium is refined into ferrochromium used to produce stainless steel. south africa is the leading chromite ore producer and china is the leading chromium consuming country.

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