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  • Upgrading Equipment ElWikiEnhancing EquipmentEnhancement TypesItem RequirementsRisksEnhancement RateBenefitsRelated ItemsGalleryTriviaEquipment can be enhanced by a character with the Blacksmith profession o

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elsword free to play anime action mmorpgaug , · the [cobo] fluorite ore and [cobo] blessed restoration scroll obtained through quest after 8/ 0 pdt will be removed at 2359 pdt. with the change of blacksmith enhancement increasing success rate, the / enhancements will also consume sturdy mithril.comunitate steam elswordelsword is a freetoplay, online action rpg that uses classic sidescrolling game mechanics in an immersive manga inspired world. vizitează pagina din magazin conținutul oficial și cel mai popular al comunității din ultima săptămână.elsword revamps secret dungeon system, makes endgameoutside of events, you can't use fluorite ore to enhance gear above +10. blacksmithing can't be used to provide enhancement bonuses above +10, either. you can try to enhance without fluorite ore, but that could easily put the expected cost of enhancing something to + as into the tens of thousands of dollars.elsword gm blog 3rd job madness brings endless funlogin for an accumulative time of 10 mins to receive 2 [cobo] blessed fluorite ore, 2 [cobo] blessed restoration scroll, and 2 els hammer! most exciting of all, for one day only, all enhancement aid requirements will be reduced to 1 when enhancing from level 8 to ! elswordblessed restoration scroll? elswordit will be expensive to get it repaired, but you could just use a +9 sd weapon as a placeher until you get the ed to buy 2/3 blessed restoration scrolls from the board. kind of really stupid to enhance outside of enhancement events in the first place, be glad that it didn't reset to 0, since i doubt you used fluorite ores. 3. level 1. reohlio.

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upgrading equipment elwikienhancing equipmentenhancement typesitem requirementsrisksenhancement ratebenefitsrelated itemsgallerytriviaequipment can be enhanced by a character with the blacksmith profession or by a blacksmith npc. enhancing equipment will require ed and certain items, depending on the type of enhancement being performed.elsword gm blog new s just around the corner andif you want a little something (and by little we mean a lot) to help you get started on enhancing, login for at least 10 to 30 minutes to receive a moonlight els hammer, [cobo] blessed fluorite ore, and a [cobo] blessed restoration scroll. when you enhance your equipment during the el mega day elsword onlinenov 25, · blessed fluorite ore package 1. blessed fluorite ore x [cobo] els hammer x3 1,100 kching 770 blessed fluorite ore package 2. blessed fluorite ore x50 [cobo] els hammer x10 2,750 kching 70 blessed fluorite ore package 3 (purchase limit 2) blessed fluorite ore x100 [cobo] els hammer x 5,500 kching 3300 blessed fluorite crystal package 1usable elwikia mysterious stone that can revive a dead player in a dungeon. the resurrection stone will be provided to the current connected character after purchase. (the purchased resurrection stones will not be provided to other characters.) 1 kching (10) (. this item can also be purchased from the ed shop for 550, ed.[elsword int] how to enhance + youtubebuy 600 fluorite ore or more and get your lucky xd. buy 600 fluorite ore or more and get your lucky xd.steam community elswordelsword alles discussies screenshots artwork uitzendingen video's nieuws gidsen recensies alles discussies screenshots artwork uitzendingen video's nieuws gidsen recensies¿where i can find blessed fluorite ore? ¿donde puedojun 24, · ¿where i can find blessed fluorite ore? ¿donde puedo encontrar " blessed fluorite ore"? cajmac 06/24/ . 5. 3. i was searching for it, but i only find it in the board and i can't buy it. if someone knows where i can find it, please tell me. into elswordelsword gm blog make your way to elrianode and itsand the best part of the event is, you only have to use 1 of each enhancement aid and materials (1 [cobo]blessed fluorite ore/crystal, 1 [cobo] blessed restoration scroll, and 1 blessed enhancement stone) to enhance! item mall goodies. elsword posted this

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party up 4 elsword celebrate elswordrsquo;s 4th arc sprawia, że do twoich ulubionych gier, społeczności, mediów i rozrywki możesz mieć dostęp na jednej, łatwej do użytku platformie.elsword global updates elitepvpersnov 05, · first up is elsword. from 4/5/ to /5/, any elsword character who is level 35 can do the 2nd job change. every elsword character who is lower than level 34 will get a 50% exp so that everybody can play his 2nd job. the week after, it'swas the enhancement event meant to be a fluorite ore sinkcancer heals you for a large amount. capricorn increases attack speed. gemini restores a large amount of mana. pisces increases your character size a bit, which in turn increases skill size (duh) sagittarius decreases enemy defense by a certain %. libra heals restores a set amount oftop responseswoah i dont know about blacksmith lv9 and below has lower rate in enhancing if compared to npc. thnx nice info.2 votesit's not that lv.9 has lower chances than npc. from what i've seen, whenever kog has an event like this one, they skew blacksmith success rates against theread more2 votesah ok i understand. somehow i felt like tricked by them. kog u sly fox why do u do this to us. nevermind, we still have next enhancement event. thnx for lightingread more1 votei'll go with that.1 votesee allparty up 4 elsword celebrate elswordrsquo;s 4th may , · arc, en sevdiğin oyunları, toplulukları, medyayı ve eğlence dünyasını kullanımı kolay olan tek bir platformda topluyor.party up 4 elsword celebrate elswords 4th may , · arc объединяет ваши любимые игры, сообщества, медиа и развлечения на единой платформе.rotação de ib,correçoes e mais family void elswordblessed fluorite ore blessed fluorite crystal blessed restoration scroll star fruit star fruit leaf hardboiled egg correçoes eve's el officer set efeitos corrigidos heroic savior gear pode ser equipado no ain retro 1 costume agora exibe acessórios em dungeons [cobo] fluorite ore exchange ticket pode ser trocado na arielrotação de ib [familia void elsword]feb 08, · blessed fluorite ore (1x, 3x) blessed time and space scroll (1x, 3x, 5x) elria's blessing (7 days) heroes of speed ring battle elixir (3x, 5x, 10x) redbean sherbet (5x, 10x, x) bingsu dessert (10x, x, 30x) fossil potion (5x, 10x, x) [voidels] mysterious magic necklace [voidels] mysterious ring of fury [voidels] mysterious ring of

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