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Manufacturing process of copper phthalocyanine blue

  • CN101880467A Production method of phthalocyanine blue 15The invention discloses a production method of phthalocyanine blue 154 for toluene ink, wherein crude copper phthalocyanine has the purity of over 98.5

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process for the production of epsilon crystal form coppermar 25, 05· a process for the production of an epsilon crystal form copper phthalocyanine, which process comprises heattreating a copper phthalocyanine in a solvent at from 80 deg c. to 250 deg c. in the presence of a acid.manufacturing of cpc blue crude, pigment alpha blue 0take above heated crude material into dumping vessel with spent sulphuric acid (mother liquor from alpha blue) and add water. then start heating up to 95 deg c and maintain for 3 hrs.. then filter in filter press, wash it , neutralize it , dry pulverize it and packed the final product as a cpc blue.highly selective and active co2 reduction electrocatalystsmar 08, · inspired by previous reports that electronwithdrawing substituents on metal phthalocyanine structures can increase the electrocatalytic performance for co 2 reduction to co (refs 38, 39, 40), weprocess for production of betatype copper phthalocyaninejun , 04· process for production of betatype copper phthalocyanine pigment (pat jp05029787) ' ' jomaru osamu, ' ' ide yusaku, ' ' oshiba toshio, ' ' kotani takuya application jp0400607 on 0406. publication 0503. abstract. no abstract provided. priority number jp0400607uses of copper sulphate for agriculture, industry and medicineuses of copper sulphate. copper sulphate, blue stone, blue vil are all common names for pentahydrated cupric sulphate, cuso 4 5h 2 o, which is the best known and the most widely used of the copper salts. indeed it is often the starting raw material for the production of many of the other copperencapsulation of an organic phthalocyanine blue pigmentmar , 03· aqueous dispersions of polystyrene latexes encapsulating a copper phthalocyanine blue pigment were formulated using the miniemulsion polymerization technique. the organic pigment was first suspended into the monomer phase, and the resulting oily suspension was subsequently converted into stable miniemulsion droplets using various types andcn1080467a production method of phthalocyanine blue the invention discloses a production method of phthalocyanine blue 4 for toluene ink, wherein crude copper phthalocyanine has the purity of over 98.5% and the free copper of less than 1ppm, and in an expression of a copper phthalocyanine derivative, m arranges between 0.2 to 1.8, n arranges between 0.5 to 0.9; the crude copper phthalocyanine is placed into grinding equipment to be ballauthor , , , handprint synthetic inorganic pigmentscopper is more important as a constituent of several impermanent, synthetic inorganic green pigments. verdigris (copper acetate, pg) is an ancient pigment manufactured by exposing copper strips to acetic acid (vinegar); it fell out of use by the th century (not least because it was impermanent and would eat through cellulose).

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Advantages of manufacturing process of copper phthalocyanine blue

phthalocyanine production technology project informationcopper phthalocyanine dyes are produced by introducing solubilizing groups, such as one or more sulfonic acid functions in cpc structure. these dyes find extensive use in various areas of textile dyeing (direct dyes for cotton), for spin dyeing and in the paper industry.copper phthalocyanines pci magserendipitiesstructurereaction of phthalonitrile and cupric chloridereaction of phthalonitrile and cuprous chloridecrystal modificationsthermodynamic stability of b modificationpreparation of b modificationsurface treatmentacknowledgmentsreferences1. in 07, braun and tchermiac tried to synthesize ocyanobenzamide by dehydrating phthalamide using acetic anhydride (scheme 1). the scientists failed to get the desired product but instead got a small quantity of a bright bluish compound that was later known as metalfree phthalocyanine. unfortunately, the scientists failed to recognize the significance of their discovery. 2. it took another s for the second accidental synthesis of the phthalocyanine moiety. swiss chemists von der weid and de dipper phthalocyanine pigment manufacturers, suppliersfind listing of copper phthalocyanine pigment, copper phthalocyanine pigment manufacturers, suppliers, dealers exporters from india. get copper phthalocyanine pigment at best price from listed companies as per your buying requirements.phthalocyanine blues printwikiit is the most commonly used cyan in process color printing, as it is usable in every type of ink and printing process. ('ci pigment blue 3 no. 740'.) phthalocyanine blue b ncnf is a bright green shade of blue possessing all the high resistance properties of the other pb pigments. this version, like pb 2, has been treated to preventthe color of art pigment database pigment blue pbbarium salt of trisulphonated phthalocyanine blue; c.i. 740; copper phthalocyanine heated with 40% sulfuric acid above 60 , dior trisulfonated, then precipitated on a barium salt; made using concentrated sulfuric acid for the green shade, diluted so4 for a greener blue, and olive green. (ref. dyestuff) c32hcun8o6s2. cas 799047process intensification for blue copper phthalocyanine inktwin screw extruders have been used to convert modified crude copper phthalocyanine into pigmentary form, and simultaneously disperse the pigment into an ink vehicle to produce a stir in concentrate. this is achieved by the mixing and shearing actions of the shape of the screw. steps in the ink making process are significantly reduced.preparation of copper phthalocyanine/sio2 compositeoct , · in order to improve the dispersibility, thermal stability and ph adaptability of organic pigments in water, submicrometer copper phthalocyanine (cupc)/sio 2 composite particles (cps) were prepared through a simple onepot wet ballmilling process under acidic conditions without using any organic surfactant. in the asobtained cps, the surface of the cupc particles was homogeneouslyprocess for the production of copper phthalocyaninemar 29, 95· a process for the production of a copper phthalocyanine by heating a phthalic acid, a nitrogen source, a copper compound and a catalyst in an inert solvent in the presence of a surfactant, which surfactant can be removed or deactivated by hydrolysis with an acid or an alkali when purifying the reaction product or forming the reaction product into a pigment after the reaction, said surfactantcited by 8ep0073267b1 copper phthalocyanine blue reactive dyesep0073267b1 copper phthalocyanine blue reactive dyes, process for their production, and their use for dyeing cellulosic fibers google patentscited by 5

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copper phthalocyanine c32hcun8 pubchemin the bake process, 100 kg of phthalodinitrile (ca. 95% pure) is mixed with 24 kg of dry cucl (1.25 mol) and 400 kg of anhydrous na2so4. the mixture is then slowly passed through a tunnel dryer within 1 hr at 0 °c. the baked mixture is washed with hot water and 1% hydrochloric acid, filtered off, and dried.molecular formula c32hcun8manufacturing of organic pigmentsproject prefeasibility for expansion of phthalocyanine pigments manufacturing unit 15 (only grinding process) 2. salt 40.00 4. phthalocyanide beta blue (pigment blue .3 .4) (solvent base, water base) beta modifled copper phthalocyanine blue 648.90 dilute hcl 8. caustic soda flake 9.45 iba/xylene (solvent) 6.30in vitro antiretroviral activity and in vivo toxicity ofaug 30, · copper has antimicrobial properties and has been studied for its activity against viruses, including hiv. copper complexed within a phthalocyanine ring, forming copper (ii) phthalocyanine sulfate (cupcs), may have a role in microbicide development when used intravaginally. cupcs toxicity was tested against cervical epithelial cells, tzmbl cells, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc),manufacturing process dhanlaxmi pigments pvt. ltd.manufacturing process chlorination in this stage copper phthalocyanine blue is converted to copper phthalocyanine green by chlorination reaction. chlorination of copper phthalocyanine blue is carried out in a glass lined vessel of 3lit. the raw materials anhydrous aluminum chloride, sodium chloride, cpc blue, cupric chloride is charged lotan innovative selfweld framework of microscale copperauthor(s) kaiwei liu, texas am transportation institute, texas am university, college station, tx 77843, usa jialin hsu, texas am transportation institute, texas am university, college station, tx 77843, usa. abstract microscale frameworks were obtained by copper phthalocyaninesulfuric acid blends in our proposal. in the frameworks, crystals and unoccupied space are at an equivalentwhat is the best way to dissolve phthalocyanine blue?we prepare 5 to 7% phthalocyanine blue in a solution of 0.75% tween80 in normal saline. the dye will not dissolve but tween80 helps incorporate and disperse it in an aqueous solution.

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