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Overdosing xanthate in the flotation of copper sulphides

  • THE EFFECT OF SULPHITE ON THE XANTHATEINDUCEDbisulphite on the xanthateinduced flotation of copperactivated pyrite with nitrogen purging was found to be similar. In the presence of sulphite, the recovery of

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flotation, theory, reagents and ore testingronal dan exarnple would be the recovery of a mixed copper sulphide concntrate from an ore containing pyrite and gangueo others inelude the separation of kci from sodium chloride, upgrading phosphate rock, desulphurising iron ores, etc. differential flotation is the terrn normay used to describe the separation of complex ores, and is generallyrole of surface chemistry of fine sulphides in theirphosphate components. for sulphides an additional serious problem is the increased oxidation of fines. oxidized portions of the sulphide ores are oft~n concentrated in the subsieve fractions. although some amount of oxidation is considered beneficial for the flotation of sulphidesthe application of xanthate in froth flotation processapr , · 3. xanthate application in copper froth flotation. in the flotation process of copper ore, xanthate mainly reacts with cu2+. therefore, when processing minerals containing more cu2+ on the surface, the effect of xanthate is stronger, and the order of its action is cu2s > cus > cu5fes4 > cufes2. 4. xanthate application in galena froth flotation flotation of mixed copper oxide and sulphideabstract sherwood coppers minto mine processes a high grade copperg deposit in yukon, canada. the ore mined is from a primary copper sulphide deposit with separate additional deposits of copper oxides. in conjunction with ausmelt chemicals, minto is currently investigating options to recover copper oxide and sulphide minerals using flotation by blending their primary sulphide ore withrecovery of copper and cobalt in the comparative flotationthe flotation foam of a mineral sulphide cuco produce a cuco bulk concentrate. during the flotation, cuco float at natural ph or ph using xanthate or dithiophosphate. this occurs when the copper mineralization as chalcocite. thereafter separating copper and cobalt in the bulk concentrate is done by raising the ph to at least , which depresses the cobalt minerals. it has been shown that xanthates float better the cobalteffect of copper sulfate on zinc sphalerite flotationoct 02, · timer alchemists will say that whether the increased flotation of the activated particles is due to superior floatability of the sulfides of copper or to the tendency of the flotation collector to form a compound with copper, thereby greasing the particle surface, is unknown but for the purposes of the present investigation it seems reasonable to claim that one important step in activation consists in filming zinc sulfide with copper sulfide.use of ozone in the differential flotation of bulk copperdifferential flotation of bulk sulfide concentrates from duluth gabbro into copper and nickel concentrates could be implemented by first destroying the hydrophobic coating with ozone and then by recovering the copper concentrate with a copperselective collector. a number of parameters involved in the use of ozone, such as the sequence and the conditioning time of ozone treatment, the pulp pheffects of sodium isobutyl xanthate dosage on the frothsulphides present. in addition, the tellurides and arsenides of platinum and palladium contribute about 50% of the pgms present in the platreef ore and there has been evidence of these minerals reporting to the flotation tailings.the ug2 layer has been described as possibly a hybrid of the sulphide and chromite hosted reefs. it is a platiniferrous

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Advantages of overdosing xanthate in the flotation of copper sulphides

kinetics and recovery of xanthatecopper compounds by ionincrease of potassium amyl xanthate concentration above the stoichiometric amount considerably affects the efficiency of the separation of copper. in a stage of flotation with recirculation, recoveries of 58% and 66 % were obtained with the flat and the cylindrical spargers respectively. the dispersion parameters and bubble surface area flux (schapter 7 flotation of sulphide mineralsforms on the galena surface in preference to lead xanthate. 2. sulphide as depressant (s 2) lead sulphide is a very insoluble compond so that additions of sodium sulphide (na 2 s) result in the formation of lead sulphide rather than lead xanthate. 2pbx 2 (s) + s pbs(s) + 2x the depression effect of s2depends on ph of the solution. of allflotation of mixed oxide sulphide coppercobalt mineralssulphide cobaltbearing copper minerals occur together, efficient recovery of copper and cobalt is known to be extremely difficult. this study investigates the flotation behaviour of a mixed oxidesulphide ore where copper is hosted in sulphides phases such as bornite, chalcopyrite and chalcocite, and oxide phases such as malachite andflotation of mixed copper oxide and sulphide minerals withfrom previous flotation investigations of mixed copper oxide and sulphide minerals using xanthate and hydroxamate collectors it was hard to distinguish the impact of the alkyl hydroxamate collector on sulphide recovery as the sulphide and oxide minerals occurred naturally together.cited by 2 flotation of mixed copper oxide and sulphidecopper sulphide ores flotation collectors from previous flotation investigations of mixed copper oxide and sulphide minerals using xanthate and mineral processing hydroxamate collectors it was hard to distinguish the impact of the alkyl hydroxamate collector on sul alkyl hydroxamates phide recovery as the sulphide and oxide minerals occurredthe effect of sulphite on the xanthateinducedbisulphite on the xanthateinduced flotation of copperactivated pyrite with nitrogen purging was found to be similar. in the presence of sulphite, the recovery of pyrite was reduced from 69.7% to 53.2% at ph 7 and from 69.3% to 57.7% at ph 9. during all flotation tests, a decrease in eh of 40 mv was observed after sodium sulphite addition,producción científica escuela de ingeniería químicathe methodology, which is an approximate method that allows one to study of the effects of grinding on flotation circuits, is applied to a copper sulfide mineral with appropriate results. given its nature, the application of this method will help preliminary studies on the design, improvement, and simulation of flotation circuits.us3827557a method of copper sulfide ore flotationa novel flotation promoter used in the concentration of copper bearing ores for the efficient selective flotation of copper values, including chalcopyrite, with suppression of iron pyrites; the promoter comprising a sodium sulfate of an aliphatic hydrocarbon having a carbon chain in excess of carbons and chemically combined with at least one mole of the c2c3 alkylene oxides.

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The case of overdosing xanthate in the flotation of copper sulphides

copper flotation mineral processing metallurgymay , · a copper flotation flowsheet. because the copper in this type of ore usually assays only plus or minus 1% copper, the porphyry copper operations must be relatively large in order to be commercial. the flowsheet in this study illustrates a typical 3, ton per day operation. in general most operations of this type have two or more parallelthe effect of copper sulphate on froth stabilitycopper xanthate species which promote bubble coalescence. in the absence of xanthate, the copper hydroxide coatings could have reduced the amount of froth stabilising particles reporting to the froth phase which destabilises the froth. the findings of this study showed that both the pulp and the froth zones were affected by copper sulphate addition.buy sodium isobutyl xanthate (sibx) 90% 85% for miningsodium isobutyl xanthate is also nonferrous metal sulphide ore flotation flotation flotation strong, the product is mainly used for copper, lead, zinc and other metals copper sulfide flotation. it has been shown in the natural loop in a variety of copper and pyrite flotation particularly effective.an investigation of copper recovery from aimprovement of sulphideoxide copper ores processing through the use of mixed collector systems has surged. the flotation of a natural porphyry copper ore with bornite and malachite was investigated via fundamental work with pure minerals and a benchscale testing regime. the for hydroxamate and xanthate respectively.froth flotation froth flotation is a process for selectively separating hydrophobic materials from hydrophilic.this is used in mineral processing, paper recycling and wastewater treatment industries. historically this was first used in the mining industry, where it was one of the great enabling technologies of the th century.experimental work on the flotation of chrysocollasized copper minerals reported by anderson,' the floata bility of copper minerals after sulfidizlng, if floated with the same collectors as are used in the flotation of sulfide minerals, is slightly less than the floatability of the same minerals without sulfidizlng. (3) faust, w. a., sulfide filming and flotation offlotation of copper sulphide from copper smelter slagoct 10, · adkins and pearse (92), in a study of the flotation of a mixed copper sulphide/oxide ore, showed that a mixture of isopropyl xanthate and dicresyl dtp resulted in enhanced rates and recoveries of copper. synergistic effects in flotation were also reported by finch and smith (72). they observed that mixtures of surfactants can cause a greater lowering of surface tension than thatcited by 34electrochemistry of copper activation of sphalerite andthe processes of sulphides flotation. the adsorption of potassium isobutyl xanthate (kibx 3103m) on sphalerite has been studied using electrochemical potential, ftir technique and sem. non activated minerals and minerals activated with copper sulfate (104 m) and copper nitrate (104 m) have been investigated at ph 7.5. surface species have

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