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  • Direct leach approaches to Platinum Group Metal (PGMJul 31, 2015· A number of metallurgical processes that generate either a PGM rich leachate or a residue containing metal values, and the various methods i

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recovery and then individual separation of platinumsep 25, · the use of 0.8 vol% h 2 o 2 and 9.0 m hcl mixture at 60°c for a contact time of 2.5 hours during the leaching process may be considered as the best conditions to be followed to save chemicals, energy, and time (about 86%, 96%, and 98% of rh, pt, and pd were recovered, respectively).cited by 8wo040908a1 recovery of platinum group metalsabstract a process of recovering platinum group metals (pgms) from a pregnant solution or leachate containing pgm values and base metals, typically a cyanide solution or leachate. a nonselective precipitation of the pgm values and base metals to form an insoluble precipitate comprising the pgm values and base metals is followed by selective leaching of the precipitate.novel redesign of a pressure leach autoclave by a south(platinum group metals) using a hydrometallurgical process. in addition to a pgmrich concentrate that is further refined, the base metals refinery produces nickel (in powder or briquette form), copper cathodes and cobalt powder. five leaching stages are utilized to remove the base metals and impurities from the pgm concentrate.upgrading of pgm rich leach residue by highoxidation of amphoteric elements was investigated by leaching of pgmrich leach residue (residue from sulphuric acid leaching of converter matte) in caustic solution. the test work was conducted to determine the intrinsic leaching rates in 0.5, 0.25 and 0.5 mol/l naoh solutions in the 0° to 0°c temperatures range over a periodpgm refining johnson mattheyrefining process. our refining process involves four key steps evaluation. evaluation is a critical stage. during this step we determine the pgm content of the material and agree with the customer on the pgm quantity or value we will return to them. at this stage we provide the lead time for refining.cyanide leaching platinum catalytic converter chemistryaug , · after the time at temperature had elapsed, the autoclave was cooled, opened, and the pulp filtered and washed. for leaching of pgm black samples, 0.1 g of material was accurately weighed out and leached with 100 ml of solution as with catalysts.estimated reading time 7 minsferric and cupric chloride leaching of valuable metalsprocess residues by ferric and cupric chloride leaching as an alternative to cyanidation. flotation tailings, with low amount of g, copper, nickel, cobalt and zinc were used as a raw material. in the chloride leaching experiments, the effect of the oxidant type and concentration ([fe3+] and [cu2+]overview of pgm processingpgm grades and ratios of platinum (vs palladium) the ug2 reef, a chromiterich reef, is more consistent, but lacks merenskys high yield of g, copper and nickel byproducts. in the last decade, pgm miners recover chromite as a separate product platreef is a wider reef with lower pgm values, but higher base metal content (c. 5 times) 5

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an investigation of cyanidebased heap leaching forcyanide heap leaching had been proposed as an alternative to the classic crushmillfloatsmeltrefine route for processing platinum group metals (pgms) from the platreef ore body. overall the process includes two stages of leaching. the first stage involves the thermophileplatsol process provides a viable alternative to smeltingprocess description platsoltm is a high temperature (>0oc) pressure leaching process, in which the base metal sulphides are oxidisedwith oxygen to soluble metal sulphate complexes and sulphuric acid, while g and the pgms are solubilised as chlorocomplexes, by the addition of a small amount of chloride salt to the autoclave feed. table 1 direct leach approaches to platinum group metal (pgmjul 31, · a number of metallurgical processes that generate either a pgm rich leachate or a residue containing metal values, and the various methods in use for theirestimated reading time 7 minsplatinum group metals recovery using secondary rawtecnalia developed a twostage leaching and reduction process using deep eutectic solvents (des), comprising choline chloride and oxalic acid (figure 2). the solvent is first used to leach the pgms from the solid feedstock at a temperature <90ºc, followed by a reduction of the pgms to their metallic form, by heating the solution to >100ºc.best practice pgm technologiesleaching of cut to size pieces . high pressure rinse after leaching . collection of pgm bearing wash water . filter pressing of wash water and acid solution. packing of sludge in suitable drums . sealed drums ready for shipping to refinery . incineration . sampling assaying . metals transferpgm refining catalytic converter recyclingleaching and refining. the last part of the catalytic converter recycling is refining. at the end of this section, we can see the metals in our hands. as a result of this process, we can reach platinum, palladium and rhodium. in these processes, if different acids are used in only correct proportions, the process result is achieved.leaching of pt, pd and rh from automotive catalystafter 10h leaching, about 99% of pgm was dissolved. in the case of automotive catalyst recycling, the presence of pt, pd, rh and other supporting oxides makes the leaching process more complex. several studies had been made to leach pgm from new or spent automotive catalyst with higher extraction efficiency. leaching of pt and rh frompgm chemistry hydrometallurgythe photocatalytic reduction of pgms depends very much on the actual pgmcomplexes in solution, as shown by our research, whereas the leaching of pgms depend very much on the stability of specific pgmcomplexes in solution. as the formation constants (stability constants) of

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hycroft mining ups the proprietary heap leach process anteaug , · on the process side, the downstream process infrastructure is in place to ramp up operations. hycroft is currently operating the brimstone merrillcrowe facility and refinery, but it has begun planning to restart the ,500 gallons/min (1,629 l/s) north merrillcrowe plant in to meet increasing solution flows from the new leach pad.recovery of platinum, palladium, and g from stillwaterflot ation concentrate by a roasting·leaching procedure by e. g. bdglin, 1 j. m. gomes, 2 t. g. carnahan,2and j. m. snider3 abstract the bureau of mines devised a procedure for selectively extracting platinumgroup metals (pgm) and gcited by 5a conceptual flowsheet for heap leaching of platinum groupleaching of highgrade pgm residue material. running parallel to this, any lowgrade concentrate produced can be processed via the method proposed herein. 2. theory 2.1 cyanidation the cyanidation process has proved to be an effective and economical optionleaching and recovery of platinum group metals from ug2a roastleach procedure has been applied to stillwater flotation concentrate9. the material was roasted at 1050°c to convert bms to oxides and pgm sulphides to metals. after preleaching with sulphuric acid to remove soluble minerals, the pgm were leached at ambient temperature with 6m hcl in the presence of oxidant (hydrogen peroxide, chlorine,file size 6kbplatinum palladium recovery from catalytic convertersin this manual are disclosed the methods used to recover platinum group metals (pgm`s) from scrap automotive catalytic converters (c/c`s). done, in many cases. this process is known as `decanning`, in which the pgm bearing innards are retrieved, and preparations for recovery can begin. which would interfere with the leaching processfast microwave leaching of platinum, rhodium and ceriumjul 01, · pgm chloride leaching is deemed a diffusioncontrolled process [,22]. in this sense, temperature can enhance either the mass transfer through the micropores of the washcoating/support towards the pgm particles and/or the interphase transfer e.g. solidliquid transfer through a pgm oxide layer onto pgm particles [23] .author thomas abo atia, jeroen spoorensinglestep hydrometallurgical method for the platinumapr 22, · up to10%cash back· singlestep hydrometallurgical method for the platinum group metals leaching from commercial spent automotive catalysts introduction. platinum group metals (pgms) are widely used in various industrial areas, being part of exhaust catalytic... experimental procedure. in this work, a plethora of spentcited by 8recovery of platinum group metals (pgm) from acidicjan 30, 91· we claim 1. a method for the direct recovery of a platinum group metal (pgm) from a highly acidic aqueous solution resulting from the acid leaching of precious metal bearing material, which comprises adding stabilized alkali metal borohydride to the solution at ambient temperature and pressure to effect reduction precipitation of the pgm from solution, separating the precipitated platinum

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